Sunday, September 9, 2012

NetGalley: Oreimo Vol. 1

Genre:Manga, YA/Adult
Publication.Date September 05, 2012
Published By: Dark Horse Comics
WebsiteOreimo - Goodreads
Tsukasa Fushimi - Goodreads

My review copy:ARC received from NetGalley for a honest review
High-school student Kyousuke doesn't get along with his cranky, dismissive, and secretive fourteen-year-old litter sister Kirino, but he suddenly finds himself forced to protect Kirino's secrets--she's not only a gorgeous fashion model, a track star, and an accomplished student, but she's also obsessed with naughty video games and little kids' fantasy anime! How can Kirino maintain her complicated lifestyle--and how can Kuousuke maintain his sanity? And might the tow of them, some how, just maybe, ever become friends?

My thoughts:
As many has understand is this a manga and for maybe a year ago I loved to read manga and watching some shows like Love Hina and plenty of others so when I saw this one on NetGalley I thought to myself this one might be something I would like.

Oh little did I know but when I started to read it wasn't so good that I hoped for so I acctually didn't finished it but who knows maybe someday I will finish it and then come back to say gosh I was wrong the first time I read it.

I think that you got to be in the mood for some manga reading and not just be in the mood of reading something or maybe I'm just not that in to manga anymore:/

But don't go on my review for maybe you like or love manga then I would say try to read it and if you like it please tell me why and what your thought was because we all may not have the same taste:)

I will  give it a 2,5 of a 5 since I love the illustrations in it and because the story do seem nice:)


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